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Sound familiar?

  • Are you trying to eat healthier and move your body, but still not sure of which foods and exercise are best for you?

  • Do you struggle with fatigue, joint pain, brain fog, poor sleep, bloating or digestive issues or weight problems despite doing everything your doctor has told you to do?
  • Are you overwhelmed by all the conflicting health advice out there and wish you knew what was right for you?

  • Are you fired up to make the changes that will really impact how you feel long term and learn how to restore your health naturally so you can feel like yourself again?

I would love to help you on your journey

It seems like yesterday that I would drag my butt out of bed already dreaming about how long it was until I could get back in it.  I had sleep issues and major blood sugar swings along with the digestive issues and fatigue.  I knew going to the bathroom once a week was not ok (we get personal here y’all) and realized my body was toxic.  After getting to the root of this and several other issues I was consumed with learning more and helping those around me get well.

I believe that the body works as a whole and all systems are connected so we have to dig to the root cause to restore long term health. 

Change can be difficult and that’s where I come in.  I will provide tools, resources and support to help you on your journey to restoring health.

A few of the things we’ll look at first

  1. Remove the foods and toxins that are causing inflammation – in the words of Dr. Tom O’Bryan, we need to “stop pouring fuel on the fire”.

  2. Replace the foods and nutrients your body needs to function optimally – give the body what it needs and it will heal.

  3. Repair the gut – by addressing dysbiosis, fixing increased intestinal permeability (a.k.a. leaky gut), and repopulating the gut microbiome.

  4. Rebalance your life – by establishing a healthy new lifestyle and honoring your body’s need for Primary Food, which are all the ways we nourish our lives beyond the food we eat – our relationships, our occupation, our Faith / spirituality, our physical activity and our need for rest.

It sounds simple, but in reality it takes time, consistency and the proper guidance to reverse the damage and change the habits that have taken years to develop. 

I personally know what it’s like to not feel well, to struggle to find answers and constantly search for solutions.

And I also know what it’s like to finally achieve wellness. To reverse the symptoms of autoimmune disease and to finally feel like myself again!

I have been able to achieve this in my own life and every day I help my clients to improve their symptoms, reverse their autoimmunity and restore balance in their life. And I’m confident that with the proper support and guidance you can, too!

Complimentary Consultation

Sometimes you just need a swift kick to press the reset button!

This is a 15 minute phone conversation about what you’re struggling with the most and I will give you very specific goals to help you get back on track.  It’s wide open – you tell me what you need and I’ll get you going in the right direction!

Let’s Connect!

After you schedule your appointment please answer a brief wellness questionnaire that will give me a bit of information to help with our first chat!


This custom session is tailored to your specific needs.  It is a three week program which will start with an in-depth one hour session discussing health goals.  Each week we will have a 30 minute follow up session and weekly email support.

Let’s Connect!

As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner my focus is to help you dig deeper into health complaints and get to the root cause of imbalances in the body through education, functional lab testing and implementing our D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® self care system.

Together we will come up with a comprehensive plan that may include lifestyle changes and functional lab work when appropriate.  If we decide to do functional lab work we will look at these five areas of health:

  • Hormones
  • Metabolism
  • Pathogens/Parasites
  • Food Sensitivity
  • Intestinal Permeability

If you are curious to learn more, please schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation with me by phone. I see all clients by phone, so regardless of where you live we can work together.

 I look forward to supporting you on your journey to achieving your best health!

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