Got a problem at a specific time of day?

Got a problem at a specific time of day?

Such as:

❤️ Wake up to pee mostly every night around 2am? (you have a liver issue - ie it's full of toxins, and clogging your system, backing up and causing blood clots, bad periods, hormonal imbalances, etc)
❤️Crashing & bloating around 2pm after lunch? (You likely have a small intestine issue - ie you're not absorbing nutrients, instead they're feeding bad bacteria which causes belly bloat)
❤️ Wake up coughing at 3-5am? (Your lungs probably need some LOVE. Much of the time, it's due to fungal overgrowth, which is causing your sinus congestion, rather than what we are all calling the 'common cold' today)

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