Practice what you preach!


I've written this post several times now and here it is, confession time.  Accountability.
Raise your hand if you've ever told a child "if you don't have anything nice to say...", meanwhile we gossip with the best of them... or "don't take it personally, they're having a bad day", meanwhile we can hold a grudge like nobody's business?
For the past 6 years I have been on a mission to change the health of my family.  Swirling around within our immediate family since early 2000's we've seen heart and lung disease, anxiety, depression, MS, dementia/Alzheimer's, prostate cancer, anaphylactic allergies, asthma, scoliosis, alcoholism, metal toxicity, hormonal dysfunction, immune and thyroid disorders.

This led me down a road of functional wellness and two years ago I completed a certification in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.  As an FDN-P I can help clients dig to the root cause of health issues through functional lab testing as well as just basic, foundational lifestyle changes.

All this means is I *understand* the fundamentals of functional wellness, but like the parent telling her child not to hit others while I swat her on the butt for misbehaving, there's can be a disconnect.

Six months ago there were extended family issues that put me into a tailspin and by itself I could deal, but a few months later my website that I had been blogging on for over 5 years basically disappeared.  Long story, but there was no retrieving the content I accumulated over a five year period.  After crying for a full day I decided to let it go and start over.  Meanwhile, my very seasonal photography business was in full swing, my kids had semi-normal teenage things going on that kept me awake at night, but I just decided to put my head down and get through the coming weeks as best I could.

Soooo, now that I'm sort-of-on-the-other-side of the s^!#, I'm still a hot mess.  Nutrition has not been an issue {if you don't count the somewhat daily tortilla chips and red wine}, but lack of sleep and daily stress and virtually no exercise = unhappy momma.

I share this because I talk to people all the time about specific health related topics and sometimes I see or hear excitement or relief that there is something else they can try to take back control of their health, but often I see a shoulder-drop-deflated energy that says they are just not up for it.  As a practitioner I don't want to say 'well, this would be really good for you to do, but if you don't have time/money/energy {blah blah} just hold off, it's your health, but it can wait'.  But the reality is we all go through seasons.  Some seasons we can white knuckle our way through the *should do's* and some seasons we can't.  The key is to know when we can't and give ourselves grace to be ok with less than perfect.  Less than ok.  Sometimes we can be a hot mess and know that there will be a 'other side' coming soon and we have the tools to get back to self care and all the things.

I don't have the luxury of a team to put out content while I'm white knuckling, so I just try to share information that is meaningful to those listening and for me personally in an effort to be authentic.  I am getting back into the groove and I hope you will join me in making self care a priority, especially in the upcoming holiday season when other things take priority over our health.

Are you in a season of self care?  If not, reach out, I would love to hear from you - we can keep each other on track!

Yours in health,






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