The wonders of water...

Most of us know that hydration is important to health, but I want to give you a quick visual that will help motivate you to stay hydrated as the weather gets cold and it's harder for some of us to stay on top of hydration. 

I just heard an analogy on an Autoimmune Summit I'm listening to - if you've ever been in NYC during a garbage strike you know it only takes a few days before things get really toxic and backed up on the streets... as our cells detoxify it counts on our lymph system to get those toxins out of the body.  In order to do that, simplistically speaking, the cells 'dump' toxins outside the cell and the lymph system is encouraged by movement and exercise (muscles contracting) and hydration to keep those toxins moving to make sure they are excreted and not recirculated. 

So not only is hydration super important, so is movement.  Even if you can't formally exercise during the day, walk up and down the steps, elevate your feet on the wall or better yet, practice your headstand, bounce on a rebounder or mini trampoline, just move a little.  Take out the trash!!

What are your hydration tricks when it's cold out?

Missy Bane