Goal Setting for the New Year

If you're a New Year's Resolution-er or just like using the new year to reset focus and goals, doesn't matter - - the end result is that we create a lifestyle this year that was better than the last.  Right?!

Pick A Word

Pick a word, a phrase, or a sentence or mantra that you can come back to throughout the year and that will help you make decisions and guide you through the year.

Here are a few examples:

This word has been on mind for the last 3-4 months.  I wrote a FB post about it and then heard a sermon about it the same day. JOY.  Not skipping through daisies signing The Hills are alive-joy, but slowing-down-to-appreciate-life-JOY. 

We need to do more than just think of the word, we need  to think about how that word is going to shape different areas of our lives - so I had to think about how I was going to slow down enough to experience JOY many different scenarios.

Another example: a friend from college contacted me and at the end of the conversation we both realized her issues center around self care more than needing functional lab tests.  She may end up needing some testing, but she came to see that if she can take time out of her schedule to take care of herself (and not feel guilty about it) she will resolve many of the health challenges she's dealing with.

Many get grumpy with me and say, "Missy, I'm in a hard, hard season of life and a word or mantra can't help me right now".  I just came out of the hardest season of my 48 years and I would say that's when I needed my affirmations, mantras and prayers most.  It was hard and many days I just got grumpy and thought 'life sucks right now, I just need to get through this day', but there were a few days in there where I woke up with a positive word to myself and it changed the whole day. 

Set Your Priorities

Here are the areas that came to mind mind:

  • health
  • career
  • financial
  • personal/spiritual
  • relationship
  • home
  • adventure/experiences

You can rank these categories in two different ways: the order in importance to you and the order in which category needs the most work.

Ordering these two ways can help bring clarity and realignment to your priorities for setting goals.

For example, for those of you reading this, health is likely the most important category to you because even though your relationships may be important, without your health, you can't show up to be your best in those relationships.

If you also discover that your health is the category that needs the most work, you can start digging deeper. Maybe you didn't take care of yourself very well the past year. Or maybe you are a mom and you constantly put everyone else's needs above your own and you need to focus on you and your health this coming year.

Missy Bane