Health Coaching - What Exactly Is It?

When a client comes to me with a complaint, I want to help them feel better as quickly as possible. It’s tempting to look at their diagnosis from doctors or other practitioners, or their most pressing symptom, and try to head it off at the pass with some miracle nutrient or protocol. (Hair loss…must be a B vitamin deficiency—what’s the best brand? Bloating… must be SIBO—where do I find the best SIBO protocol? New Lupus diagnosis… who has the best information on this condition that I can implement for my client?)

But this type of approach rarely works.

People are very complex. What leads us each to the same sign, symptom or diagnosis—whether it be weight gain, fatigue, Hashimoto’s, PCOS or breast cancer—will be different. We each have a different set of histories and life circumstances that culiminate in something that has a similar name.

Think of it this way: How many recipes can you find for cupcakes?

Each of us and our symptoms are as varied as those recipes. Each is different and unique - everyone has a different set of “ingredients” that led to a result with the same name.  These ingredients are things like how healthy was our mother when she was pregnant, have we lived or worked in a moldy space, did we take antibiotics a lot as a child, do we have constant stress, do we eat well, sleep, on and on.

So the place to start is Upstream and we consider symptoms, but it's crucial we “back it up”.

Sort of like building a house.

Although you may know you want a wrap around porch, but you don’t build the porch before you build the house itself. You don’t install the refrigerator before the kitchen is in. You don’t put the second story on before the first.

And you don’t do anything before you lay the foundation and framework.

Health is the same.

We have to look at things like nutrition, sleep, stress and movement. Any modifications to these things are not based on a protocol in a book or an ideal set of standards, but based on your needs and the lifestyle and needs of your family.

When we “back it up” we're going to look deep into things like digestion, blood sugar, insulin, cravings, hormone and skin issues, mood.  These things may seem unrelated to current complaints, but the systems of the human body and not silos working alone, the systems of the body are intricately interconnected and have to be considered as a whole. 

If you are shaking your head thinking 'yes, this makes sense, but why don't I hear about this more?', you're not alone!  Our medical system was set up to create experts in specific fields and I can tell you if I had thyroid disease I would want a Endocrinologist who studied for 8 or more years, right?!  Unfortunately the Endocrinologist doesn't get trained around how vitamin and mineral deficiencies or stress or lack of sleep and how that affects my thyroid and adrenals - they tend to treat the symptoms, I mean that's how they're licensed, right?  So, it's not the doctor's fault they don't educate us around nutrition and lifestyle changes, it's not what they're  supposed to do - they stay in their silo.  As a health coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, I can help you look at your health as a single unit, working together.  Obviously I don't diagnose or treat symptoms, I educate you on why the symptoms may be occurring and how you can balance the systems in the body.  I don't have all the answers, like any other practitioner, but I can set you on the path of repairing your foundation so it can support any dysfunction.  I can give you natural remedies to explore that support the healing of that foundation as well as resources to other practitioners to help you continue on your healing journey.

Schedule a consult and we can decide if we're a good fit to work together -

Yours in health,



Missy Bane