Meal Planning Made Easy!

One of my goals this year to meal plan each week.  We were really good at this a few years ago and sadly, I get so excited in the morning when A) I know what I'm eating that day and B) I know all the ingredients are in the house!!! (doesn't take much to make me happy =)

I found a great tool we are loving!  Real Plans isn’t free, but it’s well worth it - subscriptions start as low as $6 a month and you won’t just be getting a meal plan.  As a subscriber, you can refine your settings and exclude certain food groups or ingredients until your plan is perfect for you. Real Plans will listen you your choices and create a meal plan full of food that you can (and want!) to eat.  Our girls are vegetarian so it will be nice to have options for everyone.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 2.10.17 PM.png

One of my favorite things is that you’re also getting a carefully thought-out (and totally dynamic) timeline and shopping list. The timeline changes with each recipe you add or delete, and tells you when to thaw/soak/prep ingredients and any other tips and tricks you need to know about preparing each dish - I love that!

The shopping list is pretty awesome, too; rather than being a static PDF, it categorizes everything based on how you typically shop a supermarket. (For example, all the produce, spices, and bottled goods are all grouped together.) You can then check off anything you already have in your kitchen, add anything else you want to add to your list, and then take it to the store. Real Plans allows you to print, email, and open your shopping list on your smart phone.

Of course, if you’re already a master meal planner, just keep on rockin’ it. But if you’re like me, and need a digital kitchen fairy to help keep dinner on track, Real Plans just might be your saving grace! Check it out here!


Missy Bane