Insulin Resistance and it's metabolic storm

Do you know what your fasting insulin level is?  The common marker most docs will include on an annual panel is fasting glucose.  This is good, but it's like getting a tune up, but never checking the oil...

The cascade effect of insulin resistance is scary, but most of my clients experience some level of weight loss resistance and soon realize after working together you can't lose weight if you have a high insulin level. It really pays to get this test done so you can then start making some major shifts in your life.  Insulin resistance in the liver = Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin resistance in the brain = Alzheimer's.  

Just because glucose is low and your doctor says your ‘normal’, you could be insulin resistant, causing the production of more insulin which could be keeping glucose in balance for now… eventually the body says “time out”.

Fasting insulin will be checked when we're flirting with diabetes, but by then the check oil light is probably on and there is damage already being done to the engine... right?!

Inusulin resistance can. be. reversed.

Let’s back up a second. Insulin is the hormone released by the pancreas that allows our cells to absorb glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream. Buuuuut, if we regularly consume sugar, over time our cells can lose the ability to respond to insulin and absorb the sugars, so the sugars get diverted into fat tissue storage.  Do you have any extra fat stored you'd like to shed? 

To reduce body fat, then, we need to reduce our insulin levels, and the best way to do that is to avoid sugars and starches, including grains.  I hope this little bit of knowledge will go a long way toward motivating you to kick your sugar or starch habit. It’s not the only fix, but it’s a great start.

What's your hardest sugar habit you need to conquer?

I encourage all my clients with weight loss resistance to have their fasting insulin checked.  Getting this balanced can resolve so many things!

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Yours in health,


Missy Bane