Castor Oil Packs

Liver care is so important for hormone health. It filters all the toxins in our world and has so much work to do. The work / healing time for our liver is typically between 1-3 am, so.... if we're not sleeping well during that time our resources are going to other things - -> not allowing the healing time.

If this isn't already a part of your self care routine, please consider adding it in. I tend to do it on Monday evenings since that tends to be a low key night at my house and I chill with a DVR'd show.

Castor oil packs.

Castor oil, made from the castor bean seed, has been used therapeutically since ancient times, both topically and internally. It’s a stimulating substance that is often used to stimulate bowel movements or increase circulation. (For the record, you should talk to your doctor before trying castor oil internally.) But topically, castor oil packs can be placed over the abdomen to enhance liver function, stimulate the healthy flow of lymph fluid, decrease inflammation, and help treat chronic constipation.

Castor Oil Packs for Liver Detoxification - 

To make:

::Use a piece of flannel folded three layers thick to cover most of your abdomen. (can buy in the pharmacy with the oil)
::Slowly saturate it with castor oil by drizzling a little oil across the flannel every day of the first 5‐10 uses.
::Do not oversaturate the flannel or it will get messy!
::After the first 5‐10 days, you only need to add more oil when the flannel feels dry.

To use:

::Lay oiled pack across your abdomen and cover with an old towel.
::You may secure the pack with an athletic bandage or strip of fabric.
::To enhance effectiveness, cover the pack with a heat source - heating pad or hot water bottle.
Ideally, you should use this time to relax, meditate, or read.

  • Alternatively, you may rub a small amount of castor oil directly over your abdomen in a clockwise direction and wear a white shirt to bed. Make sure it’s a shirt you don’t mind staining – castor oil will darken fabric over time.

  • Store the flannel by folding it into a designated towel in a location that will make it easy to use - preferably refrigerated.

Have you tried this??

Missy Bane