Why You May Not Be Able to Shed the Fat

Have you ever wondered why your body is holding onto fat, even when you've dialed in nutrition, moving more, taking your supplements and doing all the *things*?  Your diet, exercise plan and even supplements could actually be making your body hold on to fat! No one wants to put in all this time and effort for a healthy lifestyle to see no results, or worse, to gain even more fat.

If you’ve been struggling to lose fat, I want to help!  Often the answer is tweaking a few things in your daily routine that can make a huge difference in how your body responds.

Here are the top 3 things to consider when trying to lose fat:

#1: Estrogen dominance -

Your hormones really can make your body hold on to fat! If you’re estrogen dominant, you could spend hours exercising and not see any results in your clothes or how your body responds. You could be estrogen dominant due to birth control, it could be naturally producing an excess of estrogen or a decrease in other sex hormones create a state of estrogen dominance. Luckily, there are ways to help resolve estrogen dominance. (Read more here!)

#2: Lack of sleep -

When deprived of sleep, your body produces more cortisol, which makes your body hold onto fat, especially in your belly. Blood sugar levels will also increase, which causes the fat cells in your body to store more fat. Lack of sleep can also cause your thyroid hormone levels to be out of whack, too. All of this leads to fat that just won’t come off, even if you're exercising and eating all the healthy foods.

#3: Nutrient restriction -

We have been programmed to believe calorie restriction and cardio will lead to weight loss. Even though I know the science behind all of this, there's a part of me that struggles to shake the calorie - in, calorie - out idea that has been ingrained in my brain for years.  This can 'work', but the weight loss comes from losing fat AND muscle. Once you ditch this way of doing things, it's common that any weight shed, shows right back up.  It's necessary to make sure you’re not only eating enough food and the right kinds of foods at the right time to really train your body to burn fat.

When you figure out the right "plan" that suits your body, hormones and lifestyle you can actually exercise less, eat more, and feel even better than you did when you were starving yourself!

#3: Heavy metals -

We're all exposed to metals in our food (fish and even vegetables), skin care, vaccinations, dental fillings, household products, etc.  The body's first line of defense against heavy metals is to sequester into adipose tissue (fat cells) to protect the organs. This is one reason weight loss can sometimes result in heavy metal detoxing, as fat cells shrink, dormant toxins are released.  A formal, metal detox should be done with a qualified practitioner, but read here about things you can incorporate into your routine to help.

If your body has changed to the way it deals with stress, nutrition, exercise or your 'normal' lifestyle, it means there could be something going on that we can figure out together.  Even if you want to have a quick chat, I can give you a handful of other things to consider based on your individual health.  Reach out, I'd love to hear from you!


Missy Bane