7 Ways Infrared Sauna Can Heal Your Body

Infrared sauna is a relaxing way to detoxify, reduce pain and burn calories among other things.  Eric and I have both been detoxing (metals for him, hormones for me) for several years and love, love, love infrared sauna time and all the benefits that come with it.

You may be familiar with traditional saunas, like the one you find at a gym, spa, or hotel.  These typically have electric heaters that heat the air to about 150-210°F.  They become humid and people usually stay in for 10-30 minutes at a time. 

Infrared saunas are only heated to 104-150°F. The infrared bulbs heat the body directly versus using air for penetration. Traditional sauna penetrates a few millimeters, the infrared sauna reaches 3-4 centimeters into the fat tissue and neuromuscular system. My simple explanation is often, "traditional sauna penetrates the skin and infrared sauna penetrates the body".  Infrared light is experienced as heat. It’s invisible and part of the sun’s spectrum that penetrates cell tissue.  The cellular penetration is where the healing magic and health benefits occur.

There are 3 different levels that represent the different sizes in infrared wavelengths - near, far and middle.

These variations determine therapeutic benefit:

  • near-infrared levels are ideal for wound healing and increased immune function

  • middle-infrared levels have been found to  increase circulation and promote muscle relaxation

  • far-infrared levels are used primarily for detoxification purposes


Consider sauna therapy for these 7 types of issues:

  1. Detoxification:  sweating is the most natural way to eliminate toxins.
  2. Inflammation: removing toxins naturally lowers inflammation.
  3. Stress Relief / Relaxation:  balances cortisol (stress hormone) and just taking time for self care is relaxing.
  4. Pain Relief: increases circulation and relaxes muscles.
  5. Circulation Improvement: when core body temperature increase, circulation and heart rate is increased.
  6. Weight Loss:  heart rate can raise as much as when exercising = calories and fat burned.
  7. Skin Detox / Anti-Aging: toxin elimination from the pores and increase in circulation results in clearer skin.


Caution:  As with any detoxification treatment - start low and go slow!

If you’re new to infrared saunas, I would recommend starting out with 4-minute sessions at 100-130 degrees Fahrenheit and slowly working your way up to 15-30 minute sessions.

If an infrared sauna is not available, but you have access to a regular sauna, you can still achieve some degree of detoxification with 10-20 minute sessions at 190-200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why is Sunlighten the Best Infrared Sauna?

I first came across Sunlighten at the recommendation of a handful of fellow FDN Practitioners - most of whom are much smarter than me =).

Here are the data points they shared as important considerations when investing in a home sauna:

  • Highest quality materials – I investigated every detail even down to the glue they used.
  • Extremely low electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation – EMF radiation is one of the downsides of electric saunas, however, Sunlighten saunas emit virtually no EMFs.
  • Full spectrum infrared waves used – Sunlighten is the only sauna I found that used a 3 in 1 system to administer near, mid and far infrared light. They developed their system so your body would be the most receptive to the infrared light.
  • Uses patented Solarcarbon heater technology – Their heaters have a 95 percent emissivity of infrared light. Emissivity is the ability of an object to emit energy. Meaning a Sunlighten sauna is incredibly effective at delivering a higher concentration of infrared waves.
  • Price –  Sunlighten saunas vary in price but fall in the $2-3000 range. This is a great price for the highest quality sauna.

After losing Eric's mom to Alzheimer's, we may a sauna investment our priority last year.  After about a year of researching we settled on our Sunlighten Sauna.  This isn't practical for everyone, so start off with a local sauna spa, try it out and report back how you feel.  I recently shared this with a client dealing with hormonal issues presenting with acne that was driving her crazy.  After just a few sauna treatments, she reported clearer skin and a new sauna addiction!

Let me know if you have questions!

Happy sweating!


Missy Bane