Good Fats!

In popular terminology, the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are what most people refer to as “healthy fats.”

Yet humans have likely consumed unprocessed forms of saturated fats (such as organ meats from wild game, blubber from seals and whales, milk, or coconuts) for their entire existence.

Humans evolved on diets consisting of marine life, wild game and/or inland plants, which provided abundant omega-3 and other unprocessed fats.

Early humans (and many hunter-gatherer groups today) consumed all parts of animals — including fatty tissues such as blubber, organs, and brains along with eggs from fish, fowl, and reptiles.

So, a better definition of “healthy fat” might be “relatively unprocessed fats from whole foods”.

Here is a list of foods you can incorporate into your meals to increase fat:

  • Oils & Healthy Fats: Can be added to salads, cooked veggies, eggs or meat dishes.

    • Olive oil

    • Coconut oil

    • Butter (Organic, from Grass-fed cows ideally)

    • Ghee

    • Avocado oil

    • MCT oil - can go in coffee or smoothies too!

  • Cheese (as tolerated): Add to salads, top veggies, top bowls or add to egg scramble.

    • Goat cheese

    • Sheep cheese

    • Other cheeses as tolerated

  • Nuts & Nut Butters: Grab a handful plain, add to salads, smoothies, smoothie bowls

    • Macadamia nuts

    • Pine nuts

    • Almonds

    • Baruka nuts

  • Avocado: Use as veggie dip, add to eggs or bowl, eat plain with some salt, make guacamole or toss in a smoothie!

    1. Plain avocado

    2. Fresh guacamole

    3. Individual guacamole packets

  • Fatty Meat: Instead of eating lean chicken breasts or chicken tenders, try a higher quality, fattier animal proteins such as:

    1. Chicken thighs

    2. Drumsticks

    3. Salmon

    4. Grass Fed beef 80/20

    5. Bacon

    6. Sausage

  • Energy Bombs & Sweet Treats

Missy Bane