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It's not all in your head - could this be your issue?

For years I’ve struggled with what I knew were thyroid related issues. Everyone is in my family is on thyroid meds, but for the past 15 years docs have said “you’re fine”. For the past 5 years I’ve been jumping up and down saying - please test my antibodies and Reverse T3 - just because my TSH is “normal” doesn’t mean my body is converting properly… ugh.

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Why Gut Bacteria is the Boss of Your Hormones

There is about 5lbs of bacteria in the human body and the quality of their environment – the healthiness of the microbial life plus the diversity – governs health in so many ways. A poor internal ecosystem caused by bad diet, exposure to chemicals and stress, will suppress the good bacteria, promote the bad bacteria, and will lead to a toxic build up of hormones as well as other signs of systemic inflammation.

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The Hormone Test all Women Should Have

The DUTCH test stands for - Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones, and I encourage most of my clients get a baseline test.   Why? Because it’s the gold standard when it comes to hormone testing.  It's very different from serum hormone testing and tells us a much more accurate story of what's going on with sex hormones.

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