I developed this program because I found I was explaining this process over and over to clients and this is a wonderful way to get the content out to more people.

My goal is for you to apply the framework and principles I lay out here, but the reality is, I don't actually know anything about you or your health (unless we've worked together in the past). I don't know whether you're just hoping to lose weight or whether you're looking to change your whole lifestyle as a whole. I don't know whether you have any genetic or medical conditions, allergies, or predispositions that would make this program not 100% right for you today.

Only you can know that and I'm all about finding what works for you personally! So here are some very basic guidelines to consider as we go along:

If you are diabetic, pregnant or nursing colon please do not fast or drink alcohol unless you have been advised by a physician or other qualified health practitioner that it's safe for you to do so. Consulting your doctor is especially important if you suffer from any health condition or experiencing any symptoms that may require treatment.

Going through this program - I know it's tempting to skip some things and read just the meat of this program and jump right in, but please go through all of the content and videos before getting started.

Medical consensus - not surprisingly there are disagreements among doctors, nutritionist and other practitioners about much of what I'm suggesting in this program. Not everyone thinks intermittent fasting is a good idea, and for sure not everyone recommends drinking wine regularly… or daily! I did not document resources, but please know that I have data to back up the facts I share, other than clinical observations and personal experiences.

Consulting your doctor - please consult your doctor before you do anything - before you change your nutrition plan, before you begin a fasting routine, before you take any supplements, before you hit the gym like a boss... Anything!

Also consult your doctor if you have started to do any of the things I recommend and you begin to feel physically sick, tired, or mentally stressed out Beyond just longing for your next meal parentheses other you should totally stop happening when she was up to intermittent fasting parentheses. The point of this is to help you feel good, incredible!

What to eat - because everyone is different I can give you guidelines about which foods have been shown to yield positive or negative effects but I simply cannot tell you which exact foods are going to work best for you.  I also can't know which foods you may be personally allergic or sensitive to so please keep that in mind when cooking any of the delicious recipes I share. You have to figure this all out for yourself with self-experimentation which is sort of the theme of this program and also where the fun begins. Yay for finding your custom lifestyle plan.

How much to eat - for the same reasons it's also pretty much impossible for me to recommend exactly how much of anything to eat - carbs, protein, fat, micronutrients, or total calorie intake. I can encourage you to eat as nutritious as possible to get more comfortable with your satiety cues.

Exercise - you should only exercise to the level of your own ability even if you're just doing the few minutes I suggest, like HIIT training or your favorite daily movement. If you're new to  exercising it could be a really bad idea to implement a hard core regimine right away, especially if you're new to fasting as well. I am much more a fan of getting your “exercise” from life rather than potentially overexerting yourself at the gym anyway.

Branded products - although I mention some brands of products, including some that I take myself, I am not endorsing any particular brand for you. I can't say it enough times that you have to try the things that appeal to you and make changes as you try new things.

Alrighty, with all the precautions out of the way, let’s do this!