Let’s do this! 

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Hey Girlfriend,

I am so happy you have joined me for this life changing journey!

This Jumpstart Program will teach

A few things to remember before you get started:

  • There will be no dieting. I will not tell you what to eat and what not to eat........I will only share the WHYs and HOWs to incorporate certain foods into your life.

    • As aging women we've earned the right in life to choose foods for ourselves. We just need to choose the best ones for our bodies......I will never, ever give up tortilla chips, I just find the best one’s I can (wink). I will teach you how to live with your favorite foods in the same way. We will focus on....

  • Foods that make us happy.

  • Foods that make us healthy.

  • Foods that will heal our bodies.

Food as we've known it has changed. The foods that our moms and grandmothers ate are just not the same for us and our daughters. Sad, but I’m sure you can see that too!!!

I hope this is getting you excited about our journey together.

What you have been trained to do and believe about food, diets, timing and most surprisingly....your metabolism just isn't true.....and there is proof. I think you will be shocked......BUT IN A VERY GOOD WAY! :-)

Some things you can do to prepare for the beginning of our course...

>>Don't go out and buy a bunch of special food (just buy what you normally get....maybe a little less)

>>Grab carbonated water (some of my favorites are listed below). These are all very common and can be found at most grocery stores and or big box stores:

  • La Croix

  • Mountain Valley

  • S. Pellegrino

  • Topo Chico

If you are a coffee drinker DO NOT stock up on that powdered or flavored coffee creamer this week......YOU KNOW THE STUFF I AM TALKING ABOUT....you won't need it. Instead, consider getting some Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and/or KerryGold grass fed butter...Yes, I said it BUTTER. I will share more on that later.

If you have any questions or need anything from me.....please feel free to reach out to me VIA our Facebook Group. In case you missed that link, here you go:

Currently Enrolled Students Group

You will also want to make sure you are connected to me on