Perimenopause is characterized by uneven swings in estrogen, progesterone andandrogens. These hormones follow a more or less even pattern during your 20s and early 30s, but they start to behave more erratically as you enter your late 30s and 40s .

But stressors like raising young children and teenagers, working long (often stressful) hours at the peak of one’s career, navigating busy family schedules, and caring for aging parents, can send the stress hormone cortisol on its own frenzied roller coaster.

This can lead to feeling tired-but-wired all the time, never sleeping, intense sugar cravings, and imbalanced blood sugar.

Your level exposure to endocrine disrupting toxins can also overwhelm the body’s detox system, which is in charge of getting rid of used-up hormones as well as toxins.