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Hey!  I’m Missy Bane.  I am a Certified FDN Practitioner, trained by Reed Davis, CNT, IFPA, CMTA. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) detective work seeks to identify the underlying causes of health complaints instead of treating symptoms. Using functional lab work, we identify healing opportunities and support clients in a health building process using the proven protocols in our D.R.E.S.S.  for Health Success® program. This includes Diet, Rest, Exercise, Supplements and Stress Reduction. This natural, holistic approach provides incredible clinical outcomes in a gentle, healing way. We don’t medicate, we educate!

I’m so happy you are here.  Like so many people I struggled for years with digestive and weight issues, whacked hormones and unbelievable food cravings. Three years later after lots of education and endless trial and error I have found the sweet spot for wellness for me and my family.

I felt as you may be feeling right now – confused, overwhelmed and frustrated.  Conventional doctors gave me prescriptions and over the counter drugs that just didn’t work, some made me feel worse.  After taking my health into my own hands I realized I had a gluten and dairy sensitivity and my adrenals were shot, so the intense exercising I was white knuckling though was making matters worse.  After about a year of making changes, little by little I started to feel like the old me.  Don’t get me wrong, phasing out gluten and dairy was hard at first, but after a week of feeling great it was so much easier and gave me motivation to continue.

I believe educating you first on what is going on in your body is the key to you feeling empowered to take care of yourself.  I want you to an expert in your own health and learn how tailor your lifestyle through our D.R.E.S.S.® program to reverse the symptoms that are preventing you from being the best version of you.

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I would love to help you on your journey

It seems like yesterday that I would drag my butt out of bed already dreaming about how long it was until I could get back in it.  I had sleep issues and major blood sugar swings along with the digestive issues and fatigue.  I knew going to the bathroom once a week was not ok (we get personal here y’all) and realized my body was toxic.  After getting to the root of this and several other issues I was consumed with learning more and helping those around me get well.

I believe that the body works as a whole and all systems are connected so we have to dig to the root cause to restore long term health. 

Change can be difficult and that’s where I come in.  I will provide tools, resources and support to help you on your journey to restoring health.

A few of the things we’ll look at first

  1. Remove the foods and toxins that are causing inflammation – in the words of Dr. Tom O’Bryan, we need to “stop pouring fuel on the fire”.

  2. Replace the foods and nutrients your body needs to function optimally – give the body what it needs and it will heal.

  3. Repair the gut – by addressing dysbiosis, fixing increased intestinal permeability (a.k.a. leaky gut), and repopulating the gut microbiome.

  4. Rebalance your life – by establishing a healthy new lifestyle and honoring your body’s need for Primary Food, which are all the ways we nourish our lives beyond the food we eat – our relationships, our occupation, our Faith / spirituality, our physical activity and our need for rest.

It sounds simple, but in reality it takes time, consistency and the proper guidance to reverse the damage and change the habits that have taken years to develop. 

I personally know what it’s like to not feel well, to struggle to find answers and constantly search for solutions.

And I also know what it’s like to finally achieve wellness. To reverse the symptoms of autoimmune disease and to finally feel like myself again!

I have been able to achieve this in my own life and every day I help my clients to improve their symptoms, reverse their autoimmunity and restore balance in their life. And I’m confident that with the proper support and guidance you can, too!