In 2009, Harvard Researchers found that 62 percent of all 2007 bankruptcies were a direct result of medical debt. Even though this was a decade ago, not much has changed. Medical costs continue to be a leading reason why even people with health insurance experience debt, deplete their life savings or have to take on a second job.

It’s no secret the state of our health – as well as health care – is an ominous picture. With the outrageous costs of health care, taking preventative action with your health is more important than ever.

The human body is truly a miracle if you think about it. When you cut our finger, it scabs and then heals, right? The exact same thing happens on the inside of the body. Bummer that we can’t see it though.

The beautiful design of the body alerts us that something is wrong and goes into protection mode (similar to maintenance lights on your car) by holding on to weight around the waist, draining of you of all resources (because it’s compensating for the thing that’s wrong) and whispering to you with acne, digestive issues, joint pain, the list goes on.


When the doctor says everything looks “normal”, you’re fine. That could be the case. But it could also be the case that you’re at the high or low end of the so called normal range - - this is an average of our population. This range is not where I want anyone I care about to be! The average population is sick - the statistics are scary!

The difference between “optimal” and “normal” can mean the difference between wellness and illness!

Many people don’t even know they are sick. Have you ever heard “I didn’t know I felt so bad until I felt better”?

Sadly, we take care of others and put their needs first as our health slowly declines over time, until we have an ‘aha’ moment like:

  • a personal health scare

  • loss of a friend or loved one to disease

  • finally hitting a wall / can’t go on

  • a doctor tells us we’re SICK

and THEN we realize we need to see what’s going on with our health!!

You have control to ask for what you need from your doctor!

When cholesterol is high it isn’t because we have a Statin deficiency.

When insulin is high it isn’t because we have a Metformin deficiency.

There’s an underlying reason for this change - most of us weren’t born with these issues, right?!

We can support the body naturally, so it can heal, but we need to see a full picture of what’s going on INSIDE your body. Under the hood. And look at it through a lens of prevention, not sickness. Unfortunately (and fortunately I guess), our medical system is set up to help us only when disease is present. When they have a pharmaceutical to remedy the issue. Conventional physicians are not trained in preventative care. If I get hit by a car that’s who I want taking care of me, but otherwise they aren’t the best source for functional wellness and long term health prevention.

Together we can put YOU in control of your health!

This Blood Test Program will guide you on what tests to ask for from your doctor, optimal ranges to look for and additional testing to request if your labs aren’t within that optimal window.

The Game Changer

When you can look at your health history on your Blood Test Checklist year after year, that’s when you’ll really be able to monitor where your health is long term as you age.

>>> Let’s say this year everything is “optimal” except for fasting glucose and insulin are higher than we like to see.

You make a few dietary and lifestyle changes like maybe cutting out the ice cream before bed and replacing it with a sweet treat that has a little fat in it (to control blood sugar) and you stretch breakfast to a little later in the morning (intermittent fast) to allow insulin to regulate. Maybe you add in a daily walk of at least 20 minutes.

Next year you go back to the doctor for your annual blood test, with your checklist of course, and look at that - your glucose and insulin have regulated back to the optimal range. Boom! No pill or prescriptions needed.

This is a simplistic example, but I have worked with clients like this who are avid runners, one who worked out 5 days a week and had no weight issues and the list goes on.

When you’re ready to take control of your long term health and have peace of mind that you know what’s going on inside of your body, I hope you with invest in the Blood Test Program and be EMPOWERED!!