Flexible Eating Lifestyle

…create a lifestyle fit for you!

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Jump in now IF:

  • You don’t feel your absolute best, suspect your diet is affecting this and want to create a flexible eating plan that works for your lifestyle.

  • You want to eat the fun foods you enjoy without guilt.

  • You want to have Food Freedom once. and. for. all.

  • You have fat to lose and are tired of diets and ‘starting tomorrow’.

  • You have symptoms related to metabolic or hormonal issues that you don’t want to resolve with pills and prescriptions.

What you can expect to learn…

In our 3 week online course you will receive video lessons teaching you how to create your own Intermittent Fasting and Flexible Eating Lifestyle. You will also receive your own downloadable Fasting Journal & Guide to help you track your progress and success with your course.


Carb Cyling is an intentional variation of carbohydrate intake based on metabolic make up and activity level. Eating enough carbohydrates at the right time resets your metabolic thermostat and signals your body to create enough beneficial hormones (like leptin and thyroid hormones) that keep you at a healthy weight. However, as we all know, too many carbs can have the opposite effect and cause weight gain.

What’s Included…

  • Benefits of fasting

  • What to expect

  • Lifestyle vs diet

  • Why carb cycle?

  • Exercise & carbohydrate timing

  • How to find your carb ‘sweet spot’

  • How to eat your fun food like wine and chocolate

  • Create a WHY that’s stronger than food

  • Manage stress without food

  • Trust yourself

You will receive all of the content at once, but the weekly live support you receive will be focused on these three areas…


Bonus #1

Access to Missy's Private Community Group

Designated Private Community Group for you and your fellow classmates. You will have access to this page and Missy to share, support and ask questions.

Bonus #2

Intermittent Fasting Journal & Guide

A downloadable Intermittent Fasting Journal & Guide to help you track your progress and success!

Bonus #3

9 Mindset and Habits for Powerful Change

A downloadable workbook to help ensure you are ready to make long term, permanent lifestyle changes that will help you be successful in accomplishing your goals.


Hey! I’m Missy Bane, your Coach (and biggest cheerleader)

Also, I’m a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Functional Health Coach and <- - these faces are my ‘why’. We changed our lifestyle about 9 years ago and although the girls were slower to jump on board, we just slowly made changes and stuck to what we knew would help us live a healthy life long term.

I have been helping women live their healthiest life for over 7 years and my mission in life is to teach others how to make lifestyle changes to live a life full of vitality - I want us all run toward aging and retirement knowing we will live out our dreams of traveling, playing with grandchildren and living our best life without disease, doctor appointments and pills.


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