I hope you’re feeling empowered right now. The fact that you’re here means you’re ready to take your health into your hands and become a partner with your practitioner and understand where you are right now, today, and create a plan for where you want to be long term.

this is huge - - do not take this lightly - - making an investment in health prevention is an investment you will never regret!!

Alrighty then…

Go through the program in order —> Blood Test Checklist, Flexible Eating Lifestyle, then Hormone balance guide, but I wanted to give you all the downloads / pdf print outs at the beginning, so see below and let’s DO THIS!!

Download and print out the PDF’s below:

Blood Test Checklist

Flexible Eating Lifestyle

  1. What is Fasting?

  2. Benefits of Fasting

  3. Types of Fasting

  4. Intermittent Fasting Checklist

  5. Carb Cycling

  6. Fasting and Exercise

Hormone Balance Guide


Food and Exercise Plan for Fat Loss

Supplement Guide

Food List

Food and Workout Tracker