Hey missy!! I got more blood work my TSH levels came down from 110 to 4.80 so my dr was so happy with the drop in number which I am too!! 🙂 I was doing so good with eating no carbs and no dairy then I kinda fell off the wagon with being so busy but I’m going to meal prep This week and get back on track. I bought that book you had posted about - eat fat get thin. It’s funny I had bought that a week before I was diagnosed then when I got diagnosed I sent it back bc I was like I don’t know what will be good or bad for me.
— Courtney, NJ

Mentors and Motivates
Inspires and Instills confidence
Supports and
Strengthens mind and body
Thank you!!
— Donna, Va.

Huge thanks to Missy Bane for helping me take back control of health. While working the plan she gave me... I lost 11 inches... from head to toe.. Holy cow! Thank you. thank you. I will always be a work in progress and am not worried about having the perfect body... but I do feel SOOO much better. I have done the PIYO works outs pretty religiously for 2 months and the stress relief is awesome. I have to admit I was not a big believer is shakes.. but honestly they are really good and do help with cravings. This girl knows what she is talking about....Love you Missy!
— Talley, Va.

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— Nicola, Colombia