So many women suffer every month with PMS.  The first thing a OB/GYN will do is subscribe the pill, right?!  The pill has saved many-a-sanity, but it depletes the body in so many ways and has many long term negative effects. (lots of great information can be found here)
When I work one on one with women, one of the first things I ask them to try for one month is to scale back on sugar.  When you can see the impact of this one change in 3 weeks, it’s easier to add in other changes to help balance hormones.
Most women are more sugar sensitive in the 2nd half of their menstrual cycle. This sensitivity to sugar can increase PMS symptoms if you eat too much. By managing blood sugar especially before your cycle can help reduce PMS.  Unfortunately this is often when we want MORE of it, right?

Here are the first things I evaluate:

  • Blood sugar – remove processed sugars and increase good fats and protein
  • Nutrient deficiencies – consider Vitamin B6, E, Magnesium, Flax
  • Internal and external stress – environmental stressors as well as personal / life stress management
  • Liver function – liver loving herbs and adaptogens, castor oil packs

I often recommend the next step after scaling back on the sugar monsters is eating a mostly plant-based diet for the next cycle. The high fiber content of dark leafy greens and good quality fats can help the body to effectively eliminate excessive hormones from the intestine, particularly estrogen, while adequate intake of legumes can support the production of hormones when there is a deficiency. Another goal is to keep dairy products to a minimum to avoid any excess hormones coming into your system. Cold-water fish (such as salmon and other low-mercury fish) a couple of times a week is great and dietary fats should come from olive oil, avocados, coconut oil, hemp oil, and other good quality oils.

The last thing I like to weave in is restorative exercise if there’s not an existing exercise routine.  It helps with blood flow, energy, clarity and mood.  It doesn’t have to be hard core, it can be walking or stretching or restorative yoga – I love helping to find a form of movement that women can enjoy and live with.

This process is so satisfying as many women can see drastic changes pretty quickly.  Naturally.

Message me – I’m happy to help!