You’ve heard it before, but it’s true: ALL HEALTH BEGINS IN THE GUT. It’s a hot topic because research shows that your gut flora can affect numerous processes in your body, including your metabolism, energy production, nutrition, and genetic expression.

If your health is suffering then I beg you to look to your gut. And if you’re saying, “yeah, but I don’t have any gut issues or symptoms”.  It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to have obvious digestive symptoms to still have some serious gut issues.

You all know I’m a big fan of the DUTCH test, but another test I’m a big fan of is a stool test. The one I use with my clients is called a GI Map and we use it to see what’s going on with both the good and the bad bacteria in your gut. We can see if there is “dysbiosis”, which is an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, and we can also determine which types of pathogens and infections might be lurking inside you (these can be “silent”). Additionally, this test tells us whether or not you have a parasite, (it’s actually very common! Symptoms can include brain fog, trouble sleeping and rectal itching), and give us information about possible autoimmune triggers (including a marker for leaky gut), candida overgrowth and more. It’s really a test that, along with the DUTCH test, I advise everyone – yes everyone! – to get at some point.

There’s just so much valuable information you can use to your advantage to improve your health for the long-term.  As always, reach out if you have questions.  I’d love to hear from you on FB & IG too!